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Code and Tech

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60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

12+ Yrs


This online course cover computer programming, 3D modelling, mobile and web app development. The course mainly address the STEM learning needs of children from age 9. Children are introduced to the magic of STEM and sustain the excitement through successive course modules.

Each course module is of 5 days duration, with 1 hour of online contact session each day. Each course-module starts Monday or Wednesday. In every module, the child gets to start and complete a few micro-projects.

Course List (Choose from the list of courses)

- Python Programming Level 1

- Python Game Development Level 1

- Python Animations Programming

What is Python Programming ?

Learn concepts and write programs using Python language. Understand OOPS concepts and solve assignments.

What is Python Game Development ?

Learn to create your own games using Python language.
Pygame is a cross-platform set of Python modules designed for writing video games. It includes computer graphics and sound libraries.

One - to - One

Book a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development.

Pricing for 5 Sessions | each 60 Mins


Please send the mail on for availability check.

Mention the following:

  • Preffered Time Slot: Choose your time slot of 60 min anytime between ----- PDT: 8:30am to 10:30 & 17:30pm to 19:30pm

  • Preffered Day & Date

How to Enrol for Program
Step 1

Select the Start Date and book preferred Time Slot

Step 2

Complete the payment as per the program selected

Step 3

Receive a confirmation mail



Schedule a call from our Experts and know whats best for your Kid.

Senior Man Portrait

My son took your Code Novice and Code Fluent classes. After seeing the enormous change in him, I enrolled him for Codathon and I have to say that it hasn’t disappointed me. It has been an amazing experience to learn from professional programmers.

-Juli Mishra, HR Executive

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