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Personality Development

Life Skills

No. of Sessions

Starting from




60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

7-16 yrs


This   course allows you to focus on the personality developement of your kid.   
Choose any of the course from below for 8 Sessions and take an add on   course for 5 Sessions.

   Pick any course | 8 Sessions
   1. Courage and Confidence(8 sessions)
   2. Communication Skills(8 sessions)
   3. Public Speaking(8 sessions)
   4. IQ and EQ(8 sessions)
   5. Positive thinking(8 sessions)
   6. Public Speaking(8 sessions)

   Also, Choose the top up| 5 Sessions
   1. Courage and Confidence(5 sessions)
   2. Communication Skills(5 sessions)
   3. Public Speaking(5 sessions)
   4. IQ and EQ(5 sessions)
   5. Positive thinking(5 sessions)
   6. Public Speaking(5 sessions)

One - to - One

This program is designed for a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development.

How to Enrol for Program
Step 1

Select the Start Date and book preferred Time Slot

Step 2

Complete the payment as per the program selected

Step 3

Receive a confirmation mail



Schedule a call from our Experts and know whats best for your Kid.

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