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Up-Skill your Kids development

Live Online Classes & Workshops


Kids Live Classes

Fun digital learning for kids. Explore from Coding & Tech to life skills classes led by enthusiastic and inspiring professionals over live sessions.

Olympiads & Challenges

Register your Kid and get trained for the Upcoming Olympiads and Competitions!

Special Courses

Get Trained from the Known Industry Experts.

Upcoming Workshops

Register your Kid in our Upcoming Events!

Upcoming Tournaments

Register your Kid in the upcoming Chess Tournament.

Get Certificate & Eol Ratings from Experts

Orange and Yellow Pets and Animals Busin
For all levels
Connect us to know the upcoming tournaments

Why join our classes ?

Customize your child’s learning with the variety of fascinating classes

Enroll in coding & tech, health & wellness, english, life skills and various classes according to your child’s interest. Dive in where you are the most keen

Learn and  interact with
Learn and  interact with
Professional teachers

Learn from the experts

who are willing to share their interests and lay out best of their knowledge for your child

Peer learning.png
Peer to peer learning from interpersonal interaction

Kids feel more comfortable and open when interacting with peers. They learn a great deal by explaining their ideas and participating in activities.

Senior Man Portrait

“It was a very interesting and valuable experience. My son was really happy and enthusiastic about taking classes. Since kindergarten, he was inclined toward art. He loved the classes and couldn’t stop talking about it all day long. With the wide range of options available, I would now like to get him enrolled for life skills too.”

-Jennifer Anglo, Academic Advisor

Your Kids will learn

Become a Creator
Become a creator.png

Your kid uses technology to create and that's when the confidence starts building. Creating their own applications, games and animations makes them step in the world of AI at an early stage of their lives.

Strength and Confidence
Strength & Confidence.png

Having children learn new skills at a young age prepares them for the future.

It builds a sense of accomplishment, mental strength and makes them confident in what they do.

Adapt better to Change
Adapt better to change.png

When you learn something new, your perception changes which makes your kid ready to face the inevitable changes life brings along.

Adapting to change is a skill in itself.

Class Categories


Watch your kids code virtual 3D robots using our online learning environment, known for the fastest and most efficient way to learn robotics.

Mind Games.png
Mind Games

We strive to improve your child’s cognitive skills like memory, attention, focus, brain speed, and strategic planning through such mind workshops.

Maths and Numbers

Make your kid fall in love with numbers, algebra, geometry, fractions, calculus, statistics and probability with our Maths classes.

Science & Nature.png
Science and Nature

Kids are exposed to model making, learning through games, storytelling and experiments.

Life Skills.png
Life Skills

How self dependent is your kid? Will he be able to manage on his own?

We at life skills classes transform your kid’s personality.


Give your kids something to look forward to and sign them up for the best art workshop with a creative environment because Art speaks where words are unable to explain.

Learn Languages

These classes not only teach your kid a new language but also increase their skills like problem solving & dealing with abstract concepts.

Health & Wellness.png
Health and Wellness

kids learn diverse and effective exercise programs that will promote positive changes for lifelong fitness.

Coding & Tech

Fuel your kids passion with innovative tech courses. Have dreamt of designing games? Making your own apps? Animations? Our team of professionals can help your kids achieve their dream of becoming a tech icon.

Music & Drama.png
Music and Drama

Music gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.

Great drama comes from great characters and when a child knows their character, drama occurs naturally.

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