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Be a Chess-Pro

Mind Games

No. of Sessions

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60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

6+ yrs


The game of kings and knights helps kids to concentrate, improves logic and teaches to play by rules, take responsibility for their actions and how to solve problems in an uncertain environment. Scholastic Chess is a systematic program to help kids master the game. This program covers the following topics & challenges.

  • Basics of Chess - movement & concepts

  • Checkmate in One

  • Checkmate in Two

  • Tactics

  • Endgame Puzzles. Openings

  • Basics of Attack

  • Basics of Positional Chess

  • Endgame - Basic Mates

  • Overall Strategic Thinking

Further, we use various studies created by us to help master tactical, calculated and strategic elements of chess.

1. Remove the defender

2. Interference

3. Overloading

4. Undermining

Chess is the greatest game that raises IQ, increases problem solving skills, induces strategic thinking and keeps Alzheimer’s as bay.

Please note the above mentioned outline will vary as per the kid's age and experience.

Scholastic Chess Coaching • FIDE Rated Coach for Advanced learners • Batch format – Maximum 5 kids in a class • Supervised game plays • International time zones supported • Weekly practice tournaments • Monthly planned tournaments • LMS: - tracking progress of Children by Chess Rating

Please note: The course can also be taken as long term. Please connect us for the same.

Available Slots
One - to - One
Request another time

Not comfortable with the timing? Our workshops are now fully flexible. Book a session for your free time.


We have Batch Classes at various timings as below👇

⏱️ 7.30 am (Tue & Thu) USA focused (Lower Beginner / Upper Beginner)

⏱️ 10 am (Adult chess classes Weekends only) 

⏱️ 11 am (we can look for this option if you get kids and only weekdays)

⏱️ 12.00pm (Intermediate & Advance level)

⏱️ 1.30 pm (Fri & Sat) (Lower Beginner / Absolute Beginner)

⏱️ 3.00pm (Intermediate & Advance level)

⏱️ 3.30pm (Lower Beginner / Absolute Beginner)

⏱️ 5 pm (Upper Beginner)

⏱️ 5.15 pm (Lower Beginner / Absolute Beginner)

⏱️ 7.30 pm USA & UAE focused

⏱️ 9 pm USA & UAE focused

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