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Code Fluent

Code and Tech

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60 Min

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Age Group

9+ Yrs


This online course cover computer programming, 3D modelling, mobile and web app development. The course mainly address the STEM learning needs of children from age 9. Children are introduced to the magic of STEM and sustain the excitement through successive course modules.

Each course module is of 5 days duration, with 1 hour of online contact session each day. Each course-module starts Monday or Wednesday. In every module, the child gets to start and complete a few micro-projects.

Course List (Choose from the list of courses)

- 3D Design and Modelling (Level 1 & 2)

- MicroBit with MicroPython (Level 1 & 2)

- Mobile Programming (Level 1 & 2)

- Web Programming

- Mobile with ML

What is 3D Design and Modelling ?

Learn to create 3D models with easy-to-use 3D CAD design tool. Quickly turn your idea into a CAD model that can be printed on a 3D printer.

Mobile Programming- Level 1
Block-based Programming language
Build apps in a jiffy. We help you to transform your passion for mobile devices to build functional apps with the help of MIT App Inventor. Learn how to use simple visual blocks to code your own mobile apps.    

Mobile Programming- Level 2
Block-based Programming language
Create your own personalized music-player app. Leverage accelerometer sensors of your mobile phones to calculate your steps in kilometers. Learn to build multiple in-app screens, add gif backgrounds to create multiplayer games.

Microbit with MicroPython Level 1
Text-based Programming language
Learn to program in MicroPython with easy syntax and fun way to control MicroBit. Do projects and solve challenges in an online simulator. This is a perfect course to switch to text coding from block-based coding. Share your projects with members of the international Python community.

Microbit with MicroPython Level 2
Text-based Programming language
Build engaging projects using MicroBit's inbuilt sensors and motors. Unleash your imagination to create projects ranging from Smartwatches to Robots using the easiest programming language. Test your projects on simulators and integrate them with Microbit kits.

Mobile with Machine Learning
Block-based Programming language and Machine Learning
Learn about AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning) in a friendly guided environment. Train machine learning models to recognize images, sounds and classify numbers or texts. Create interactive mobile apps to achieve recognition, recommendation and predictions.

Web Programming
Text-based Programming language
Start early and learn the basics of Website Programming. Use online simulators to engage you in HTML, CSS and tricks to code responsive websites. Build your own colorful web pages with styling, images and videos. Stay ahead of your peers.

Available Slots
One - to - One
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Not comfortable with the timing? Our workshops are now fully flexible. Book a session for your free time.

Book a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development.

IST: 10am to 8pm (any 1hr slot) | PDT: 8:30am to 10:30 & 17:30pm to 19:30pm


Private Level 1: Rs. 2700 | $45 for 5 Sessions

Private Level 2: Rs. 3200 | $52 for 5 Sessions

Please send the mail on for availability check Or quickly connect us on whatsapp

Mention the following:

  • Preffered Time Slot

  • Preffered Day & Date

July '20 ( 5 sessions | 1 hour per day )

New Batches start  every Monday & Wednesday

Timing: 11am to 12pm


For Level 1 course-module: Rs. 2000 for 5 Sessions

For Level 2 course-module: Rs. 2500 for 5 Sessions

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