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Entrepreneurial whizz-kids

Life Skills

No. of Sessions

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180 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

10-13 Yrs


Are you ready to launch your big ideas into the world?

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is an online learning course for kids to transform into young entrepreneurs! Get ready to be creative and innovative as we challenge students to look at real-world problems and come up with creative solutions.

With animated videos, engaging lessons, printable activities, and interactive quizzes, students will create a fun business proposal complete with a customer profile, unique selling points, and a prototype of their idea! This course is suitable for children aged 10 to 13.

What We Cover In This Course

1. Welcome to Online Session- Intro!

2. Where Do Ideas Come From?
3. Who Is Your Customer?
4. Building Your Business

What You'll Need

• Computer with internet connection
• Pens, markers
• Paper or notebook
• Printer (for printable worksheets) (optional - you can write down your answers on paper or a notebook instead) 

• Device with a camera (optional)

Available Slots
One - to - One
Request another time

Not comfortable with the timing? Our workshops are now fully flexible. Book a session for your free time.

Book a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development. 

Pricing: 95$

Please send the mail on for availability check Or quickly connect us on whatsapp

Mention the following:

  • Preffered Time Slot

  • Preffered Day & Date

June '20

Thursday :::::: 11th, June '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 18th, June '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 25th, June '20 ::::::  13:30pm

July '20

Thursday :::::: 02nd, July '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 09th, July '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 16th, July '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 23rd, July '20 ::::::  13:30pm

Thursday :::::: 30th, July '20 ::::::  13:30pm

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