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An enriched life is a life pursuing one's purpose. And if you find your purpose at a very young age, chances are, you will enjoy the process of honing it constantly. We believe that this seeding of possibilities has to be sown during a child's formative years itself. The more children are exposed to the myriad ways of expressing themselves, the more they will be inspired to make some of it their dreams and ambitions. We carefully curate these experiences for your children that they can absorb or their own, or can enjoy with your participation. So hop on, let's have some serious fun.

These are FUN, UNIQUE, INTERACTIVE ONLINE SESSIONS with amazing collaborators!

To ensure that the sessions are interactive we have limited spots of only 8 children per session.

Yoga Theme- Rainforest Yoga

We take the kids on an imaginary trip to meet some of the incredible creatures living deep in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. A 60 mins session of breathing, yoga poses and relaxation with kids yoga Structure of the workshop No. of poses- 10-12 yoga poses 

Magic Theme - 'Improv Magic' with items easily available at their homes

We take the kids on a magical journey. 5 Tricks will be taught . We will be constantly observing the children while they are learning and performing and will provide inputs/ feedback  when necessary. Tips on Personality, Stage Presence, Communication, Presentation and Body Language will also be covered. Structure of the workshop - Step 1: The magic trick first be performed - Step 2: Magic Coaching: Children will be asked to learn and perform with the Magician. They will also receive feedback/ Inputs from the magician. 

Paper Art with Kids Theme - Let's make a Dream Catcher Making something out of a paper plate is fascinating for the child. Art helps Mastering skills, completing art projects and learning to express themselves in new ways it also helps kids gain confidence and perseverance. It's also a proud moment for the child to display his/her own artwork. Structure – Using paper the child would be asked to create a dream catcher with the help of the professional 

Bond with Nature Theme - Seed Paper workshop

Kids will learn how to create their own seed paper from old newspaper or tissue paper that can be used for various gifting purposes and can be planted later and consumed as microgreens. 

Online Live Cooking

Cooking is a valuable life skill that teaches children about nutrition and food safety, as well as building math, science, literacy and fine motor skills. Cooking also encourages the child's interest and excitement in healthy foods by teaching them how to cook safely Structure We will curate online live cooking where we will teach hand crafted pasta with Sauce arrabiata or a white sauce béchamel, recipe will be sent to all students after the session 

Storytelling using mixed media Theme - Cut. Paste. Stories

The session will focus on creating a visual story using pictures from newspapers and magazines found at home. To add more elements of interest or to express more through the stories we would encourage children to use whatever other materials they have at home like buttons, beads, paint etc  

Dance and Body Movement Theme – Monsoon Mania

1) Follow along dance workout 2) Creative visualization through body 3) Dance Choreography with umbrella as as a prop 

Painting Theme: Coffee Painting

Coffee is a fascinating medium to form art. It is quite successful experiment using Coffee to get the old-look effect in your painting. It is all about using pure coffee, water and your brush. Coffee painting produces everlasting shining. Structure 1. Welcome and introduction about the topic. 2. Rules of communication explained. 3. Ice breaker activity with kids. 4. Start the activity. 5. Ending note and reviews. 

Caricature Theme - Make your Superhero Avatar

Through this workshop, we aim at enhancing the participants’ cognitive abilities and encourage creative observation. The workshop will also take you through the basics of caricaturing- a must to create your avatars. This fun filled session will consist of making your very own superheroes with the power of your imagination! Come up with your own unique superpowers and draw your avatar! 

Story and Activity Theme – Reading a story and making the character 

These are perfect blend of hands on activities along with stories that ensure the children live and breathe every element of the story We also help develop the childs language and vocabulary skills while throwing in unique elements of music and drama

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