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Rainbow Kids

Mind & Life Skills

No. of Sessions

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40 Min

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Age Group

Upto 6yrs


An enriched life is a life pursuing one's purpose. And if you find your purpose at a very young age, chances are, you will enjoy the process of honing it constantly. We believe that this seeding of possibilities has to be sown during a child's formative years itself. The more children are exposed to the myriad ways of expressing themselves, the more they will be inspired to make some of it their dreams and ambitions. We carefully curate these experiences for your children that they can absorb or their own, or can enjoy with your participation. So hop on, let's have some serious fun.

These are FUN, UNIQUE, INTERACTIVE ONLINE SESSIONS with amazing collaborators!

Choose any 1 or 4 Sessions.

Sound, color & emotions

This workshop focuses on providing a stimulating experience that encourages children & parents to explore both sound, color & emotions. Do carry white sheets & Colors.

Fun Art Session

Let your kid express her/his love for nature with fun & art. Do carry: A4 sheets, water color/ paints, pencil, water, cloth, different size brush.


Have fun with Paper craft

Make a difference through art and painting.

Do carry: Colored/ White sheets, Paints, Glue & Scissors, Sketch Pens

Once Upon a Jungle: Shadow Puppetry

Come listen to the story and learn Shadow Puppetry. 

Start with a warm up session, use of puppets, and the story through a craft or activity.

Creative Expression

Create beautiful art with some hand holding.

Do Carry: A4 sheet, Pencil & Eraser, Colors/ Crayons/ Sketch Pens

Get ready for the Bubble Show : Science & Innovation 

Based on the concept of hand on learning. Create experiments, and gadgets to open young minds to Science & Innovation in an exciting & engaging way

Available Slots
One - to - One
Request another time

Not comfortable with the timing? Our workshops are now fully flexible. Book a session for your free time.


Choose any 2 or 4 Sessions.

Duration (each session): 40 min


2 Session: 620/- 

4 Sessions: 1200/-

The Bubble Show: Saturday 15th Aug: 11-11:40 am

Shadow Puppetry: Sunday 16th Aug: 11-11:40 am

Creative Expression: Saturday 22nd Aug: 11-11:40 am

Paper Craft: Sunday 23rd Aug: 11-11:40 am

Fun Art Session: Saturday 29th Aug: 11-11:40 am

Sound, color & emotions: Sunday 30th Aug: 11-11:40 am

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