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Developing Constructive and Potent Virtual Teams

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

In these unprecedented times when the entire country has gone into a state of lockdown, a large number of companies have had to shift their mode of operation to a work-from-home model. This has resulted in remote teams monitoring projects over electronic media. Though this method of operation comes with its own set of advantages such as being able to work on tasks at our comfortable pace and time, it brings along a lot of demerits with it as well. The freedom that work-from-home provides masks a lot of disadvantages too.

Remote teams are unable to share the bond that is possible when face-to-face interaction happens regularly. Human interaction is extremely necessary to form and strengthen bonds between individuals. When we talk to a person daily, we get to know about their traits, their likes and dislikes, their interests and so on. Getting to know people on a personal level makes us feel connected to them, which leads to better coordination in tasks that are to be performed in unison.

Shared Culture & Connectedness:

Since genuine interaction is near impossible for virtual teams, members can try to connect with each other through interesting ways such as playing a musical game, wherein each member can compose certain lyrics, give a tune to it and perform the piece over video conference to his/her team members. This is an innovative way to bring remote team members closer and strengthen their bond. This exercise allows people to delve into their creative side and tap their potential to doing something new.

Workspaces need to maintain a healthy environment to ensure maximum productivity of its employees. Team culture needs to be extensively discussed among its members. What is of priority to one member of the team might not be as important to another. These things need to be sorted out amongst the team members to ensure a smooth process of workflow. Positive company culture contributes to employee satisfaction and retention. When team members feel gratified for the work that they have done and for the effort that they have put in, a sense of entitlement, a feeling of content seeps in, which gives them the motivation to take up further tasks in future with confidence and enthusiasm.

Ready for an exciting musical session? Want to show your team your composition skills? This is a great way to do exactly that and share a bond with your team:

Paving your way to Healthier, Happier & Harmonious Virtual Teams:

Virtual teams often complain that building trust and camaraderie among the team members is a tedious task, which leads to feelings of resentment. The lack of communication also serves as a breeding ground for workplace politics, and conflicts become difficult to resolve.

This issue can be worked out by engaging remote team members in exciting group activities such as storytelling, gigs sharing, cooking delectable food and then gathering over a video call and savoring it all, just like a mini-picnic. These group activities are highly inclusive, thus making sure no one feels left out or excluded. These activities help the team bond over enjoyable experiences, leaving employees feeling happy and satisfied.

A positive and clutter free mind has been proven to be more productive and efficient.

Let your remote team connect and bond over some interesting storytelling sessions!

Who doesn’t want a light-hearted gig to get some much needed humour in this stressful world? Engage in few such wonderful performances here!

Think of yourself as a masterchef? You don’t need to be one! Just get your basic culinary skills up and running with this fun cooking based team activity:

Show your remote team you care by signing them up for a team wellbeing package! They are going to feel thanked for sure!

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