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Exciting Ideas for Virtual Events to Engage your Remote Team

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

1. Musical Madness:

Music is a great way to bring remote team members closer together and form a closely knit group. Music allows people to explore their creative side and discover a hidden potential, probably! Online music workshops are an innovative way to increase cohesiveness among remote team members, helping in better productivity.

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2. Food Frenzy:

Performing tasks as a team is always more fun and exciting than doing it individually. And that's exactly why this idea is one of the best to spice things up in a boring quarantine! Letting the team members prepare food for themselves in a restricted amount of time and then gathering everyone with their delicacies prepared over a video call and savoring it all down definitely sounds like fun, right? Seems just like a mini virtual picnic!

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3. Quirky Quizzes:

An online quiz contest would be a great ice-breaker for remote teams! It sharpens the gray area along with being interactive and inclusive. This light-hearted activity would engage the team members in a joyful experience along with increasing their camaraderie,teamwork skills, and their ability to think precisely.

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4. Amazing Art:

Art is a calming process and can be used as a mindfulness technique. Employees experience several aspects of optimism, joviality and cheerfulness while engaging in this art form. It gives a serene feeling to the mind, thereby pacifying the internal disturbances and leaving the participant with a feeling of tranquility and peace.

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5. Fitness Workshops (Yoga and Meditation, Pilates, Zumba and Workout):

Meditation and asanas help rejuvenate the soul, and your team would feel more at peace with their surroundings, which would eventually lead to an increased efficiency in their work.

Pilates brings the body and mind together, thereby contributing to increased body awareness and helping in stress management and relaxation.

Zumba helps improve cardiovascular fitness and blood pressure, results in reduced fatigue and improved alertness and concentration.

Thus, your team would be able to approach tasks with a better perspective, which would not just make them sail through the problems smoother, but also leave them with a fulfilling experience!

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6. Wellbeing and Happiness Programs:

All employees have to face various degrees of disturbances in their workplace, be it office politics, or the failure to complete a project within the deadline. These disturbances dismantle the mind’s inner peace and become a hurdle in the path of efficient functioning of the employee. Happiness Programs aim to bring optimism and joviality in the minds of the employees, so that they can feel appreciated for their work, and contribute more fruitfully to the organization.

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7. GIGs Gala:

As we are confined to our homes in these unprecedented times, entertainment availing seems to be a far-fetched option. But not anymore! Get a stand-up comedian or a singer or a dancer to perform an act in his/her respective field of art, and live stream their performance to your remote team members, so that they get an opportunity to escape from the dullness of their confined life and entertain themselves to something majestic and exciting.

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