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Exciting Live Classes to keep your Kids Learning at Home

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

In today's competitive world, it becomes important for young kids to have several skills. Being multi-talented isn't just a requirement, it has become a necessity. As this competition for the best continues to grow, kids will have to acquire more skill sets. Doing so at a young age would make it easier for them in the future. Plus learning these skills helps in their academics as it aids in the development of their overall brain development.


Language; the diverse yet connecting stone in our world. Learning languages helps kids in various ways and also opens numerous career options for their future. Introducing a new language to your kids at a young age boosts problem-solving, critical thinking, and listening skills. In addition, it also improves memory, concentration and ability to multitask. You can choose from various leading international languages like English, French, Spanish, etc.


Does your kid throw a fit when it comes to mathematics? Do they feel anxious when it comes to maths homework? Look for various courses that can increase their brain speed and mathematical abilities. Mathematics plays a vital role in the development of several skills like reasoning, creativity, abstract or spatial thinking, critical thinking, problem-solving ability and even effective communication skills. You have numerous options from Abacus to Vedic maths that help improve your child's brain powers. You can choose what is best for your child.


Science has been the turning stone in the development of mankind for decades. A young science whiz is sure to ace through their lives as science promotes the overall development of your kids. Learning science at a young age helps children develop their senses and overall awareness. It also helps children develop key life skills like the ability to communicate, remain organized and focused, and form their own opinions based on observation. Encourage scientific studies and safe practicals for your kids from the comfort of their own home


Is your kid amused by movies like transformers and robocop? Do they want to build a future around robots like such as well? Take a step further from science and encourage your kids to learn the basics of robotics. If your kid is already a science whiz, enhance their abilities with various robotics live sessions. This will help build their practical and technical understanding of various machines. Courses like Robo Hunt and Robo Pro offer a deeper understanding of the mechanism of machines and help in the applied knowledge of robotics as well. Along with the knowledge, these courses come equipped with a kit containing all the essential tools that your kids might need.


Is your kid a natural artist? Embrace their natural talent and enhance their creative side by signing up for some of the best activities in the field of arts. Art helps in the development of visual analysis, hand-eye coordination, creative thinking skills and many such abilities that help them in various fields of life. There are several lessons in the field of arts that you can choose ranging from scriptwriting to photoshop. Artistic courses range from fun hobby-like activities to career-building professional courses. You can opt for any of these programs based upon your child's interest.


Is your kid a born tech whiz? Do they dream of becoming a leading tech icon like Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg? Let us help your kid achieve their dream. We have a special range of coding activities for your young kids as well as teenagers. Your kids get the opportunity to learn the basics of coding and keep stepping up and master coding from the comfort of their own homes. You can enhance their coding abilities with programs like Codathon. If your child is still young, it is great to start out with some cyber safety lessons offered in the Cybershield Bootcamp.


Brain games are known to improve the thinking ability of individuals. Introducing these activities at a young age helps to develop necessary skills at a young and impressionable age when the mind picks up skills quicker. Engage your kids in some amazing activities to help boost their cognitive skills, memory, and speed. You can choose from various lessons like Braim Gym, Chess, Rubik's Cube, etc.


Life skills are something we all keep on learning throughout our life. However, a lot of times we don't face situations to implement them until later in life, and it might get difficult battling situations without having prior knowledge. Get a jump start on teaching your kids these essential life skills so that they are prepared to face any sort of scenarios in their future. Choose from various courses like Personality Development, Confidence & Character Building, Public Speaking, and more.

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