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In need of some corporate Diwali gifting ideas?

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Diwali is considered one of the biggest and most renowned festivals in India.This festival is for celebrating the triumph of good over evil. It is customary that gifts are to be exchanged on Diwali wishing the recipient with long life, health, wealth, happiness and prosperity. Celebrate the festival of lights with your employees by presenting them with some amazing gifts and enlighten them with your gratitude. If you are in a dilemma about what to gift your employees, here are a few gifting ideas for your employees. Let their Diwali be filled with awe and happiness to the corporates and their families as well.

Here are a few services we could offer to make this your best Diwali ever!

Premium : This sector can provide you with some elite products you can ever find and all under one plate. Right from popping up a champagne bottle to eating some luxurious goodies, we cover almost everything.

Eco-friendly : Let us favour our Earth this Diwali by gifting the employees with a completely eco friendly kit which contains all the essentials required for planting or essentially gardening.

Unique : This sector contains some authentic goodness. This consists of stunning brass chess sets, some brass bowls, intricate and well-designed bottles, copper crockery, refreshment hampers, styled umbrellas and many more.

E-Gifts : We go to great lengths when it comes to customer satisfaction and stay a step ahead which enables us to come up with even more greater ideas. So, we present some unique and personalised e-gift cards from various brands.

Concept : The items here possess a whole new look and contain out of oridinary products. This section contains a range of products from which some of them are exotic gift hampers, beautiful wooden wine holders, coir pots, delightful baskets with some goodies like dry fruits, chocolates, and candies.

These are the product range we have with us and they can also be personalised on your own accord. For corporate gifting, we can also print your logos on them. Reach out to us for giving your employees your best.

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