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Move Your Events Online - Gather Audiences Remotely

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Schedule Meetings | Conduct 1-to-1 Video Calls |

Host Online Job Fairs, Online Trade Shows

In the wake of CoVID-19, there is an immense need to go virtual, be it online meetings or online annual days. This software is a white labelled virtual app with a range of functionality.

Missing Annual Days? Why wait?

  • Celebrate annual days virtually by moving your events online. Make this pandemic a happydemic. A software with articles, exhibitors, 500+ sponsors, surveys, Q & A, quiz, analytics, reporting and virtual meeting bookings with android, iOS and browser support is what fits your need. We offer a complete virtual event management and conference solution with best possible features.

  • Impress your audience with a fully equipped software which is easy to use. Engage guests visually with functional maps. Choose between different layouts to showcase your content. Group purchase lets the guest buy multiple tickets at one go and apply group discount vouchers.

  • Amplify your event's presence by allowing guests to register socially. Create a buzz around your event by promoting it on various online platforms. Manage ticketing and forms using personalized emails, direct access to the virtual conference, reminders and ad-hoc messages and delivery reports. Give your audience a positive experience.


VIRTUAL CONFERENCE - A perfect solution for comprehensive event planning and creation of conferences & seminars. Drive attendance of remote participants to live onsite meetings. Use the video conferencing tools designed specifically for virtual experience. Schedule meetings, live text chat, attendee to attendee video calls, peer to peer directly from browser. Choose the right technology. Choose us.

VIRTUAL CAREER FAIR - Hire a professional team with virtual career fair. Digitalize your hiring process. Connect to employers and job seekers in a virtual environment using webinars, chat rooms or teleconferencing. Manage job fairs smoothly with cost effective solutions.

VIRTUAL TRADE SHOW - Connect with exhibitors and visitors on the web. Showcase your product and services virtually. Chat with prospects, find buyers virtually and capture maximum global leads. Our affordable, easy to use solutions are supported by the highest level of service.

VIRTUAL ANNUAL DAY - Celebrate your annual day virtually, staying safe in your own environment. Have fun while being at home. Choose our service, contact us to see how we can make your annual day full of the most cherished unforgettable moments.

VIRTUAL ONBOARDING - Give your new employees an overview of your company values, vision, mission and beliefs. Cut time-to-productivity and reduce the training costs with engaging online events.

We provide you with full access and visibility for your virtual events, webcasts, help you boost up your sales and eventually help you grow your business.


Take Control of Your Registrations - Customize your registrations to access better targeted audiences. Serve your sponsors as well as exhibitors.

Event Microsite - Create a unique brand for your event that is different from your organization’s brand. New modern UI/ UX design, real time reporting, integration with Facebook, Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager makes our software unique.

Mobile Responsive - We support responsive templates so that your audience will stay connected to you even when they are on the move via any mobile device or tablet.

Email Communication - Send personalized emails, access virtual conferences directly, reminders and ad-hoc messages. Know the current status of all messages sent to the supplier via delivery reports.

Engage People Virtually - Engage people virtually with the help of various teleconferencing tools. Engage them as if they are in the same room.

Virtual Platform - We provide a range of functionality, say, articles, sponsors and exhibitors, virtual meeting booking and business matching, news feed, surveys, Q & A, quiz, analytics and reporting.

Plans for Exhibitors and Sponsors - We provide 4x main categories, 8x sub categories, 4x unique booths layouts (rotated), meeting booking, download of assets, video calls, write ups, index and filtering.

Virtual Meeting Booking - Schedule meetings, live text chat. Book attendee to attendee video call for an amazing experience. We also offer peer to peer meetings directly from the browser. Fully android, iOS and browser supported.

Measure ROI and Gain Audience Insight - Turn your data into meaningful insights with our advanced reporting tools. With a wide range of features, like real-time reports, extractable in csv, attendee management list, email/SMS logs, revenue reports, session performance, tailored filtered reports, benchmark past events, team collaborations, audit logs and with generation of custom charts data can be turned into information.

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