Snack It!

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Wouldn’t it be great to do your work while eating some delectable snacks? I’m craving already. If you are too, then this is for you. Leave us the honours of serving you with amazing snack boxes with a wide range of items. Give your employees the tastiest and best of snack whacked with a whole lot of goodness. These delightful snacks will surely make your employee’s day! We will make sure they are delivered to the employee’s doorstep wherever they might be. From all the in-office employees to employees working from distant places, we got it all covered in terms of distance. And one last special thing is that you can also personalise these packages with a note or great packaging which will be even more appealing to your employees.

It completely depends on you about how you want the box to be customised. We abide by your choice and provide them with pleasure. Some sneak peek about the snacks is that the boxes contain so many varieties from which some are chips, bars, granola and trail mix, and some luscious sweet treats too. These snacks provided are not only tasty but are affordable and really healthy. The snack boxes not only consists of food, but also some extra items which are customised on the basis of gender like,

· 50 smiles box, 30 smiles box, 15 smi