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Top 5 Ways to keep your Team Engaged

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

A happy and engaged workforce is a crucial part of any workplace. Every corporate has a different way to engage its employees thereby boosting their morale and enhancing their productivity. Some offices offer a visit to various fun and amusing places while some offer a day of games and activities at the workplace. Given the current times, it is difficult to physically gather your team for any sort of engagement activities. You have an array of virtual activities to keep your employees engaged and boost their morales in these trying times. Let's take a look at some of them


A highly interactive way to bring all your employees together by organising activities and/or games. Gather your team over a video conference with any of our exciting team building activities. You can organise an array of activities from special performances by some of your favourite artists to bonding with your co-workers over a conference call by sharing a meal together. You can choose from any of these activities or even plan for a weekend filled with all these activities to lift up the spirits of your employees.


Show appreciation towards your hard-working employees with simple personalised gifts to let them know that they are special. A simple gesture of appreciation would help give your team the much-needed boost during these uncertain times. Personalised gifts are a unique way of wishing your employee or appreciating all the efforts that they've put in to bring your vision to reality. They are fun, creative, quirky and stand out amongst a cluster. Order these unique gifts for your employees online and get them delivered right at their doorstep.


Are you facing a hard time managing your kids as well as your office tasks? Often working parents feel stressed about managing their kids and work while working from home. You can sign up for fun, interesting and educational courses for kids to help them learn new skills while you focus on your work. Signing your kids up for such classes keeps them engaged throughout the day and they get to learn new things while you are busy with work.


Send exciting gifts to your employees by offering them personalised e-vouchers. E-vouchers make for a great gift, they are convenient, easy to use and can be customised according to the receiver's interests. You can choose from a variety of brands and personalise them for each employee. You can easily carry them with you wherever you go on your phone.


Organise a fun meal sharing activity for your employees with our new 'Eat and Engage' program. We choose from the best caterers in and around you to serve the best quality food for your team. All items are personally delivered to your and your team's houses. You can sit and enjoy this food along with your presentation from the convenience of their own homes. This activity can be organised for any of your important presentations or for a fun weekend activity. This is a great way to boost employee morale in today's trying times.

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Ria Nisar
Ria Nisar
11 sept 2020

Should you invest in an employee engagement software or devise a process on your own? A majority of organizations are stuck in a dilemma. Let’s help you make a decision

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