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Wellness and Motivation - Need of the Hour

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

Every individual battles with their own struggles each day. Every employee carries on their head a tremendous amount of stress from their workplace. These often lead to depression, suicidal thoughts and feelings of worthlessness. Wellness and Motivation programs aim to bring optimism and joviality in the minds of the employees, so that they can feel appreciated for their work, and contribute more fruitfully to the organization. Happy employees ensure a healthy workplace environment.

Let's see what our renowned and highly acclaimed Wellness and Motivational Experts have to say about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying mentally and physically fit.

1. Luke Coutinho:

Luke Coutinho is a globally acclaimed holistic lifestyle coach, who focuses on bringing the ‘care’ back in Health Care. He is renowned for the programs he offers aiming to increase the quality of lifestyle of individuals. He is the co-author of the book- “The Great Indian Diet” with Shilpa Shetty, ‘Eat Smart, Move More, Sleep Right’ and the ‘Reset’ journal. His approach towards a healthy lifestyle stands on the four major pillars of: Quality Sleep, Balanced Nutrition, Adequate Exercise and Emotional Detox. He believes in the ideology that when people switch to a better lifestyle, they automatically make better choices about their food, movement, sleep and stress.

Luke has gained immense popularity for his work and his list of recent achievements include being awarded the ‘GQ 50 Most Influential Young Indians 2018’, ‘Times Power Men 2018’, ‘Elle award for the Best Health Expert of the Year 2018’ and ‘Best in the Industry-Nutritionist’ by Vogue in 2018. He also recently launched his new book with actress Anushka Shetty- ‘The Magic Weight-Loss Pill’. Luke facilitates and conducts sessions on Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle for various organizations like YPO, WPO, EO, FICCI worldwide.

Invite Luke Coutinho as a virtual speaker to ensure the well being of your remote team:

2. Rujuta Diwekar:

Rujuta Diwekar is renowned as one of the country’s most accomplished and the world’s most proficient nutrition experts. When the world is going crazy over diet fads and fears, trying out extreme exercise regimes to stay in shape, Rujuta comes forward to clear the misconceptions about the relation between being too hard on yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She puts on the platter a fusion of traditional food wisdom and modern nutritional science for a fit and agile body and mind.

She has an experience of working with people from all walks of life, including the likes of Karishma Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Saif Ali Khan, Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Richa Chadda to name a few. Her fame has spread far and wide, and she also received the ‘Nutrition Award’ by Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, ‘Mukta Sanman Award’ by IBN-Lokmat in 2013, has been invited to conduct workshops at IAS Inter services meet, CAG India academy, Maharashtra Judicial Academy and Maharashtra Police Academy. She uncomplicates the usually tangled ideas about health and living, thus helping people move towards a simpler lifestyle.

Invite Rujuta Diwekar to interact with your remote team to ensure they stay in the best of their spirits:

3. Ashish Vidyarthi:

Ashish Vidyarthi is a highly acclaimed, multi talented veteran actor, who channels his captivating personality and magnetic screen presence into extremely refreshing, encouraging and stimulating talks. Through his sessions, which he affectionately likes to call ‘conversations’, he incites positivity and creativity into his audience, which motivates them to change their life for the better and unleash their potential to the fullest. He is a highly versatile, multilingual actor who has acted in over 200 films across 12 languages in his career spanning more than 25 years.

Ashish has conducted workshops for corporate giants such as Wipro, Voltas, Exim Bank, TMTC, Lokmat and Synchrony Financial to name a few. He has a diverse knowledge of languages, cultures, geographies and knows how to accustom with the ever-changing milieus. Ashish has also established his entrepreneurial project- ‘Avid Miner Conversations’ which focuses on building specially curated, customized programs for assisting organizations in solving their issues.

Get your remote team to interact with Ashish, a man with an ocean of knowledge:

4. Dia Mirza:

Dia Mirza needs no introduction. Miss Asia Pacific 2000 Winner, gorgeous actress and social activist, she keeps on adding feathers to her cap. Her journey has been a blend of personal and professional success, and she doesn’t hesitate in sharing it with the world. She wishes people learn from her mistakes, and take inspiration from her success. She believes in giving back to the society, as it is the love of the people that has made her thrive and survive. She is a multi faceted person.

Enthusiastic about following her humanitarian passion, she founded ‘Born Free Entertainment’ along with partner, Sahil Sangha, to create entertaining content with a purpose. Their second production puts forward Dia’s views and opinions on female child rights. With a strong belief of making stardom explicable and answerable, she has more often than not attracted the wrath of people in positions of responsibility, such as political activists. She is also an active supporter of animal rights and environment conservation, which she promotes on her twitter handle.

Invite Dia Mirza as a speaker to let your virtual team regain faith in their abilities, so that they know too that they can unleash a whole new world of opportunities:

5. Vaishali Kasture:

Having been a part of the corporate patronage for over twenty years, Vaishali has not stopped with just achieving professional excellence, but has also made her lifestyle and her perspective of living a role model for others. Along with pursuing and scaling great heights in her emotionally and physically draining career, she has also explored her passion for fitness and wellbeing. Or rather, as she likes to call it- ‘discovering your 3rd dimension’. She believes in investing in one’s energy and passion, and how to maintain a stable work-life balance.

Vaishali began her career with CitiBank, then moved to MPHASIS in Tokyo and Bridewater Ltd. in Hong Kong. She then joined the corporate giant - Infosys, as the Head of Global Business Unit of Banking and Capital Markets. She has been recognised as the fastest female veteran runner on the Indian Marathon Circuit, and is the first amateur Indian woman to qualify for the prestigious Boston Marathon. At the core of Vaishali’s driving force has been her enthusiasm for a fit and healthy lifestyle, which she has generously pursued.

Invite Vaishali Kasture as a virtual speaker to ensure the well being of your remote team:

6. Shalini Saraswathi:

Blessed with unimaginable will power and driven by an unassailable energy, Shalini Saraswathi is a blade runner, a marathoner and an adventure enthusiast. In 2012, she contracted a rare bacterial infection- ‘Rickettsial with morts’. Within the next few months, she lost her child, experienced multiple organ failures and fell into a deep state of coma, only to wake up to unresponsive limbs, all four of which she had to sacrifice to the infection. Being the strong willed woman that she is, she spent the next few months exercising her passion for fitness and not letting her athletics die down.

With the guidance and support of her coach BP Aiyyappa she started participating in marathons, and in 2017, finished the TCS 10K marathon with a finishing time of 95 minutes. She has committed herself to goals of betterment, self-development and growth. She is also a well known blogger and activist who fights for the inclusion of Persons with Disability(Pwd) on various platforms.

To infuse your remote team with self-confidence, and to let them know that nothing is the end of the world, invite Shalini Saraswathi to interact with them:

7. Anshu Gupta:

Anshu Gupta, commonly referred to as the ‘Clothing Man’, founded ‘Goonj’, a non-governmental organization (NGO), headquartered in Delhi, in 1998, to make clothing a priority within the manufacturing patronage. He exudes a spontaneous empathy and connects with people by glorifying the act of giving. Anshu is building a mass movement for the recycling and reuse of large amounts of toxic waste, by resourcing it from the cities to the villages to be used to the benefit of rural development.

Anshu is an influencing and motivating speaker who addresses several national and international forums to be inclusive of clothing for the developmental agenda, and to inspire the current generation, the youth of the country to take action. He delivers informative and life-changing talks in various parts of the world on Innovation, Leadership, Village Development, Power of Youth and Social Entrepreneurship. He instigates and encourages the upcoming generations to take pride in their clothing heritage and preserve it before it is lost in the tide of time.

Invite Anshu Gupta as a speaker to let your virtual team regain faith in their abilities, so that they know too that they can unleash a whole new world of opportunities:

8. Vinita Bali:

Vinita Bali is a global business leader, having broken the glass ceiling and smashed all records. She has held pivotal positions at tremendously successful corporate organizations such as Britannia, Coca Cola and Cadbury. She has been a well acclaimed speaker at various academic and industrial platforms in India and abroad. She inspires female professionals to stand on their feet and make a mark in the largely male dominated corporate domain, where talented and successful women are often looked down upon and not given equal opportunities as their male counterparts.

Vinita brings forward a globally appealing and expedient perspective to strategy, marketing, innovation and operations. Vinita was among 27 global leaders chosen by the UN to contribute to and improve maternal and child health as part of its ‘Scaling up Nutrition’ (SUN) initiative. In India, Vinita serves as a Non-Executive Director on the Boards of CRISIL Ltd. and Syngene International Limited, is a Member of the Board of Governors of Indian Institute of Management – Bangalore, an Advisory Board Member of PwC and chairs the CII National Committee on Nutrition.

Invite Vinita Bali to interact with your remote team to ensure they stay in the best of their spirits, and extract the maximum out of their capabilities:

It has been rightly said-‘A healthy employee is a wealthy employee’. When your employees are emotionally, physically, spiritually, economically and mentally fit, their productivity increases and they can perform in a much better and organized way, thus multiplying the profits of the organization. When the workplace experience of an employee is fulfilling, his/her efficiency increases manifold. Mental Balance is a crucial factor in deciding the performance of a person.

Wellness and Motivational sessions focus on the overall well being of employees ensuring that they continue to stay motivated, which in turn helps in increasing their efficiency and productivity. These programs help balance physical well being, emotional resilience and mental peace to ensure a serene mind, which increases the employees’ alertness and concentration. A mentally, physically and emotionally fit employee not just helps contribute to the organization’s growth, but also uplifts the mood of the people surrounding him/her.

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