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Workshops to help Your Team Grow

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

1. Virtual Workshops:

Virtual teams often complain that building trust and camaraderie among the team members is a tedious task, which leads to feelings of resentment.

This issue can be worked out by engaging remote team members in exciting group activities such as storytelling, gigs sharing, cooking delectable food and then gathering over a video call and savoring it all, just like a mini-picnic. These group activities are highly inclusive, thus making sure no one feels left out or excluded.

Virtual Workshops tend to reduce the differences among the members of a team, thereby bringing them closer and inducing a sort of homogeneity in the way they look at things.

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2. Health Workshops:

Health Workshops would encourage your employees to embrace personal responsibility and self-care. It would help in sustaining a healthy, energetic and efficient workforce.

It has been rightly said-‘A healthy employee is a wealthy employee’. When your employees are emotionally, physically, spiritually, economically and mentally fit, their productivity increases and they can perform in a much better and organized way, thus multiplying the profits of the organization. When the workplace experience of an employee is fulfilling, his/her efficiency increases manifold.

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3. Speakers:

Renowned and established speakers from the industry like Ashish Vidyarthi, Rujuta Diwekar, Deepa Malik, Jerry Almeida etc., would deliver talks on the topic of your choice among Wellness, Health & Fitness, Innovation, Management and Leadership, Diversity, Entrepreneurship etc.

These sessions are designed to provide one with insightful information on the concerned topics, as with increasing stress at the workplace in corporate organizations, emotional well-being of the employees is of prime importance for the efficient functioning of the company.

These talks would be highly inspirational and would motivate your employees to perform to the maximum of their capabilities, and to take charge of their life and change it for the better!

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4. Creative Workshops:

Employees experience several aspects of optimism, joviality and cheerfulness while engaging in these workshops. It gives a serene feeling to the mind, thereby pacifying the internal disturbances and leaving the participant with a feeling of tranquility and peace.

There are a lot of meditative benefits of these workshops, such as settling down the disturbing thoughts in a person’s mind and inducing a sense of calm to the soul. With a relaxed and stable mind, it becomes easier to focus on the work at hand and be more productive and efficient.

These activities can be conducted without much hassle in the middle of your conference, and without the requirement of much setup too.

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5. Safety Workshops:

With increase in crimes against women across the country, it has become a necessity to teach young women how to defend themselves when in unforeseen situations. Self-defense training has become inevitably important to protect oneself from unfortunate happenings.

Our Safety Workshops are designed for the participants to learn more about general safety measures on anti-harassment, first aid, self defense and the likes of it.

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