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Learn to sing and play songs on the guitar 

Summer is definitely a time to refresh your self by playing a few songs and sing along with it.

The most easiest way to start of is a summer camp were there is a lot of learning in a short span


Inline are the areas that we will be covering in this camp.

1. Tune your voice to be able to recognise a songs tune and sing along with accurately.

2. Simple vocal warm ups and exercise to shape the tone of your voice.

3. Learning to sing with right posture, breathing methods and regular practice routines.

4. Learn to sing the major and the minor scale which is the base for all popular and mainstream music 

5. Learn to hold-chords on the guitar and to be able strum and play simple songs

6. Learn to sing along and play the guitar in sync.

7. Understanding the basics of singing and playing in musical timing using the metronome

8. Learn to play a few melodies on the guitar using an easy learning method called the  Guitar Tabs.

9. Learning to play few chord progressions which will help you play 100s of sing along songs on the guitar.

10.  By the end of the camp the student will be able to play  songs and sing.

and more..


Prerequisite: Acoustic Guitar for better understanding and learning

Be a Rockstar

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    Batches starting every Monday

    For Daily Sessions, Timing: 6-7pm

    and On Alternate Days: Every Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays , Saturdays : 4-7 pm

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