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Duration: .5 - 1hr

Type: Remote/ Virtual


How we are planning to make work from home zestful?

Since everybody(except the heroes providing us essential services) is working from home, you would be missing the Outings, After-Office Parties, Birthday Celebrations, Movie Nights and all the fun you used to have with your loved ones. So, QuesTorq has decided to fill some energy in the boring WFH. So, pamper yourself with this online doze of exclusive entertainment.


Staying at home is your Promise, keeping you entertained is ours.

As you're probably aware of events across the world have been sidelined due to COVID-19 pandemic, Live Entertainment Industry is among the most affected. To boost up the moral of the Artist Community and to provide safe entertainment at home, QuesTorq has initiated #QUESTAINMENT.

  • Book your own favourite Singers, Comedians , Dancers etc from amoung 200+ Options.

  • Live Performances from your favorite Singers, Comedians, Dancers, Magicians and Instrumentalists.

  • Sit Back at home enjoy live streaming from your phone, tablet or laptop.

  • Interact with the Artists via live Sessions 

  • Energize your team with lot fun and energy 

Type of Artists : 

  • Anchor / Emcee to conduct Virtual Games 

  • Standup Comedian

  • Live Band 

  • Speakers 

  • Singers 

  • Celebrity Appearances 

  • Model 

  • Variety Artists 

  • Instrumentalist 

  • Any other ( Which you think we missed :) ) 



Audience :

Corporate , Any Team 


Type of Delivery :

1. Private Sessions ( Customized ) for Corporates / Organizations

One time workshops

2. Public Sessions - For Corporate / Individual

( Free / Paid planned sessions ) 


Required :

Laptop/Smartphone  for the Remote Connectivity

Speaker ( Preferred ) 


Mode of Delivery :

Zoom / Hangout / Webx or any other Tool

# Program is customizable.

GIGs for your Team


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