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Be smart about money! Here we set to Decrypt the mystical world of money so children are more empowered in the future. In this engaging and fun online course, we bring the world of finance to life, even for those who hate maths! Kids get ready to learn how to manage your pocket money smartly and learn the fundamentals of how the finical world works. To ensure in the future money works for you! And you don’t work for money.


Description & Objective of the Classes :

Session 1 : This session comprises basics of economics where kids will learn about demand and supply. Basic terms that are used in day to day economic life.


Session 2 : In this session kids will learn about what are banks and how they function


Session 3 : In this session kids will learn about money, importance of saving money and value of money


What you’ll Need - Computer with internet connection Pens, markers - Paper and notebook

Money Management for Kids

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