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About the experience:

You are a group of investigative journalists, covering the suspicious deaths of 4 local police officers in Barmer, Rajasthan.

You are tipped-off that you will find answers at an Abandoned Army War Room. You brave yourselves and visit the location, where you get trapped!

Can you unravel the mystery and breakout in under 60-minutes before the Oxygen runs out?


And many more upcoming ones.


What is this experience all about?

Imagine yourself solving a REAL-LIFE MISSION right at the comfort at your place. You are seamlessly taken to an online world, where you get to direct / command a LIVE ON-FIELD AGENT to complete your mission.

The best part is that your team could be split around the world… from Houston City to Doha and now to India… You can participate together in this live experience and experience fun like never before.



What are we offering you?

We bring to you the NexGen At-Home Entertainment - World’s best remote escape rooms.

Imagine solving a murder case LIVE! At the comfort of your home… And with your amazing team…. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Mystery : Under Cover

₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹720.00Sale Price
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. What is the mode of this virtual program?

    We use Zoom for these high-energy packed sessions. In exceptional circumstances Google Meet can be accepted.

    2.    Should the payment be made in advance?

    Yes. All virtual games should be paid in advance.

    3.    What are the GST rates?

    All prices are Inclusive of GST of 18%. Share your GST Number to receive GST input credit.

    4.  Is prior confirmation required for the event?

    Yes. This prevents conflicts with our existing reservations.

    5.    How many hours before should I reach out to Breakout® team?

    We need at least 24 Hour notice for team size is greater than 20 people [Subject to availability].

    6.Is there different Global Price ?




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