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Surbhi Bagga is a stand-up comic, TV writer and podcaster. She was one of  the finalists on the TLC show Queens Of Comedy. She hosts and produces her  podcast called The Overthink Tank - where she overthinks her listener's  problems so they don’t have to. Since the time of its release, the podcast has  consistently been on top charts on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. She has also  parlayed her comedic talent into a lively writing career. Her work has  appeared on Netflix, TLC and Discovery. On stage she likes to poke fun at the  struggles of modern dating, freelancing and her obsession with astrology.

Surbhi Bagga

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    1. What is the mode of delivery?

    It is both Offline and Online, you can select either of them.

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    We use Zoom / Google Meet / Microsoft Teams for these high-energy packed sessions. In exceptional circumstances any other conferencing tool can be accepted.

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    Yes. All virtual games should be paid in advance.

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    All prices are Inclusive of GST of 18%. Share your GST Number to receive GST input credit.

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