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Duration: .5 - 1.5hr

Type: Remote/ Virtual


What is wellbeing? Wellbeing for life is feeling comfortable, healthy and happy. This is not only physically but mentally too.

The Virtual Emplihi Academy brings together a collection of impactful wellbeing and resilience programmes.


Faced with unprecedented uncertainty and change, people at every level of an organisation are being challenged to adapt. Leaders are steering their way forward through unchartered territory; managers are looking for new ways to support and motivate their teams; and individuals are learning to work remotely as they tackle both personal and professional challenges.To support your people, we have brought together a collection of impactful wellbeing programmes and resources. Highly interactive, engaging sessions combine deep insight with practical tools and techniques.


We have focused on the priority areas to ensure your people continue to thrive and excel:

Virtual wellbeing: Optimise physical, emotional and mental wellbeing

Resilience: Bounce back and keep going in challenging times

Financial wellbeing: Take control of your finances

Mindfulness: Cultivate awareness, calm and focusIdeal For


Ideal For:

Focusing your corporate culture on health and wellness

Connecting employees who work remotely or in different locations

Boosting company morale and increasing productivity

Providing long-term benefits for each participant and the group as a whole



Audience :

Corporate , Any Team


Type of Delivery :

Private Sessions ( Customized ) for Corporates / Organizations

One time workshops

2. Public Sessions - For Corporate / Individual

( Open Sessions ) 


Required :

Laptop/Smartphone  for the Remote Connectivity


Mode of Delivery :

Zoom / Hangout / Webx or any other Tool


# Program is customizable.

Team WellBeing


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