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The game of kings and knights helps kids to concentrate, improves logic and teaches to play by rules, take responsibility for their actions and how to solve problems in an uncertain environment. Scholastic Chess is a systematic program to help kids master the game. Scholastic Chess Learning Framework – learn while you have fun!


We have the comprehensive Scholastic Chess Learning Framework, tailored it for children. We help with the Learning and Analysis while children do the practice.

- Lower Beginner: Chess Rules, Piece movements, Check mates, Notations, Board vision

- Upper Beginner: Stages of Chess, Castling, Moves to Checkmate puzzles, Trading pieces

- Lower Intermediate: Tricks and traps, pin, fork, skewer, gambits, Timed games, Outposts, positional play, Hanging pieces

- Upper Intermediate: Best/forced/Tempo moves, Zugzwang, Pawn, Rook, minor piece endings, Pawn play, Force draw

- Advanced Level: Opening Book moves, Fortress, Pattern recognition, End game techniques, Color weaknesses


LMS: Chesskid


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