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About the experience:

You are a student in Magical School of Wizardry where the world’s largest wizards are created. Recently, the school has been under a dark cloud as the evil Sorcerer has imprisoned the head master and taken over the whole school. This school holds many hidden secrets and if the Sorcerer manages to obtain these hidden secrets he can take over and enslave the whole world. The sorcerer is right now conjuring an evil spirit who can lead him directly to the path of these hidden secrets. You have got to know that the only way to stop this is to create a powerful potion and use the secret method to kill the evil Sorcerer before he succeeds in his evil plan. You only have 60 mins before the evil Sorcerer’s plan is completed.

Duration: 60-90 Minutes


The Forbidden Elixir

₹899.00 Regular Price
₹599.00Sale Price
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. What is the mode of this virtual program?

    We use Zoom for these high-energy packed sessions. In exceptional circumstances Google Meet can be accepted.

    2.    Should the payment be made in advance?

    Yes. All virtual games should be paid in advance.

    3.    What are the GST rates?

    All prices are exclusive of GST of 18%. Share your GST Number to receive GST input credit.

    4.  Is prior confirmation required for the event?

    Yes. This prevents conflicts with our existing reservations.

    5.    How many hours before should I reach out to team?

    We need at least 24 Hour notice for team size is greater than 20 people [Subject to availability].

    6.Is there different Global Price ?




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