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About the experience:

India's first Online Escape Room activity that you can play from the comfort of your office/home and have a fun-filled time with your colleagues. We made sure that along with entertainment, it also helps in enhancing key skills like team building, critical thinking, communication and performing under pressure.


This is a 90 minutes virtual escape room game that is completely online and you can play with your teams located in different locations across the globe. There is no restriction on the number of people and up to 5000 people can play at a time. This is a highly interactive and immersive team game and consists of interesting puzzles inbuilt into the game. Some of the exciting features of the game are:

  • Play anytime, anywhere  
  • Multiplayer login as a team
  • Inbuilt hints and solutions
  • Group audio chat
  • 60 mins digital timer
  • Leaderboard - We can provide you the performance of all the teams along with a team score ( You will receive this post 1 Hour of Game ) 

Flow of the Event:

Briefing by the Facilitator - Escape Room Junkie 

Divide the Team - In Group of 3-6 Members each 

Each team will get the link to join their respective Escape room challenge 

One Team Member from each team should have a Whatsapp present. ( To connect to Whatsapp Coach ) 

Game starts the moment one member login. 

Challenge Begins ( Coordinate with your team members with our inbuild Audio chat/Zoom audio )

Team finish the activity first will be a winner. 

Closure of session with a closing ceremony. 

Will share the complete scores in detail - post-event to SPOC.

Virtual Escape Room : Ver 1.0

PriceFrom ₹299.00
  • Terms and Conditions

    1. What is the mode of this virtual program?

    We use Zoom for these high-energy packed sessions. In exceptional circumstances Google Meet can be accepted.

    2.    Should the payment be made in advance?

    Yes. All virtual games should be paid in advance.

    3.    What are the GST rates?

    All prices are exclusive of GST of 18%. Share your GST Number to receive GST input credit.

    4.  Is prior confirmation required for the event?

    Yes. This prevents conflicts with our existing reservations.

    5.    How many hours before should I reach out to team?

    We need at least 24 Hour notice for team size is greater than 20 people [Subject to availability].

    6.Is there different Global Price ?




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