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Package course Duration: 15 classes

  • Each Level consists of 5 classes. Basic Coding Knowledge is required.
  • Assignments are included in each session for the student to get more practice and confidence on the programming concepts.
  • Feedback of each class will be shared with parents.


Module 1

Get creative and combine different models to create mashups. Create your own 3D models of a designer photo frame, unique pen stand, character shaped whistle and more with a user-friendly 3D modeling program called TinkerCad.

Module 2

Create your own personalized music-player app. Leverage accelerometer sensors of your mobile phones to calculate your steps in kilometers. Learn to build multiple in-app screens, add GIF backgrounds to create multiplayer games.


Module 3

Learn advanced concepts of invoking collisions with 3D objects. Create a virtual space game with a Yoda model. Put your VR headset and get immersed in the virtual worlds. This helps to boost students' creativity and increases knowledge areas. Innovate new virtual environments and enjoy.

VR Program - Advance

  • Duration

    60 Min

  • Age

    10+ Yrs

  • No. of Sessions


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