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Surprise & Delight

Your Employees With

Delicious Snacks -



Choose The Perfect Experience For Your Team

Caring for your employees year round is easier than ever with our thoughtfully-curated employee care boxes

designed for all of your team’s special moments.

Who Would You Like Snacks For?

Keep remote teams connected no matter the distance. Send the snacks box to their doorstep!

Delightful Snacks boxes for your employees, delivered to your office.

For customization, drop a mail on
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& Get a Custom Report with Pricing
What's in Your EMPLIHI Smile Box?

Discover a rotating variety of the best-tasting bars, chips, granola, trail mix, dried fruit, and many more.

Granola & Trail Mix
& more..
How it Works?

Whether you’re treating 10 employees or 10,000, we help you send and manage your team’s personal snack boxes with ease:

  • Set your budget and manage team members

  • Share employee shipping addresses. (Or bulk import to surprise your team)

  • Easily send snack boxes based on your team’s schedule

Budget Friendly Solution
Delicious, Healthier Variety
Office and Home Delivery
Add a Personal
Engaging remote and in-office teams is key to your company’s productivity, health and happiness.
Connect on or call on +91 8105305995 for further information.
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