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Build Engagement through Workshops


Corporate workshops are great to be a part of because of the varied content that participants can learn.

Workshops help to build cohesion among employees. Our workshops provide open, non-threatening environments to encourage interaction and communication among individuals that carries over into their working relationships and teams. Each of our workshops, experiences, and retreats can be tailored to meet our client’s needs.



Health & Fun Workshops :

Few of the workshops under these categories could become a perfect ice breaker sessions in your day-long conference.

These workshops can be conducted easily in the middle of a conference with no much setup. 


Looking for a celebrity, motivational speaker, influencer, storyteller, or keynote ... thought leadership events, employee and client engagement programs, ...We present a range of some of the speakers we have access to. We understand that each client is unique and with this in mind we research and source speakers to suit the individual client requirement.

Virtual Workshops: 

Now EMPLIHI has come up with virtual workshops that give you a chance to connect and learn with your teams located at different locations. Explore the different workshops we offer, combining the fun with the learning. These activities are customised to connect all your entire team on the same platform. 

Safety Workshops:

Workshops that are designed for the participants to learn more about general safety measures for anti-harassment, first aid, self defense and the likes of it. 

Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your needs for any corporate speaker or workshop requirement that you have for your conference, event, team building, off-site, panel discussion, summit or corporate training program.

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