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Brain Gym

Mind Games

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60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

8+ Yrs


Brain Gym Summer Camp is designed to challenge the mental ability of kids with the ultimate goal of improving the cognitives. Looking for some exciting, refreshing and interesting camps for your kid? This is the right place. We make learning, thinking and building brain fun. Avoid the brain dump and sign up for the most exciting camp this summer.

Program Detail

1.Scholastic Chess

The game of kings and knights helps kids to concentrate, improves logic and teaches to play by rules, take responsibility for their actions and how to solve problems in an uncertain environment. Scholastic Chess is a systematic program to help kids master the game. We provide access to various websites and portals such as flipgrid & Google classroom to ensure the learning is enticing and engaging. This program covers the following topics & challenges.

  • Basics of Chess - movement & concepts

  • Checkmate in One

  • Checkmate in Two

  • Tactics

  • Endgame Puzzles. Openings

  • Basics of Attack

  • Basics of Positional Chess

  • Endgame - Basic Mates

  • Overall Strategic Thinking

ChessKid Gold Membership is given to each child during summer. It provides access to more than 100 gamified levels, hundreds of animated videos for kids, 50K+ puzzles. Most kids reach King Level 1 in 2 weeks.

A target is set for each kid. Anyone with a rating of 1000 or lesser is considered a beginner and one with above 1000 is part of the intermediate level.

Further, we use various studies created by us to help master tactical, calculated and strategic elements of chess.

1. Remove the defender

2. Interference

3. Overloading

4. Undermining

Chess is the greatest game that raises IQ, increases problem solving skills, induces strategic thinking and keeps Alzheimer’s as bay.

2. Rubik’s Cube

Our rubik's cube guide will take minutes to learn. Now improve your kid’s memory, patience, activity of mind , fingers dexterity and agility and help him become a great problem solver and race his brain. Now learn rubik’s cube OUR way by 

1. Observation of Problem / Challenge 

2. Formulating the Problem 

3. Productive Struggle (the most important phase of building intuition & IQ) 

4. Awareness of problem dimensions 

5. Deep Learning (for life)

We teach the following (not limited to) during the summer.

Rubik’s classes - 


a. The traditional solution

b. PLL & OLL

c. F2L Basics



a. Basic solve

b. OUR Method

c. Parities Pyraminx


Basics of Speedcubing

3. Flintel (Maths & Coding Puzzles & Problem Solving)

Follow these steps in solving the problems-Observation of problem / challenge,

formulating the problem, productive Struggle (the most important phase of building intuition & IQ) and awareness of problem dimensions.

This methodology is applied across various exciting number puzzles such as-

  • Guess & Check

  • Working Backwards

  • Mind Maps

  • Connection Diagrams

  • Validations

Our aim is to make maths more enjoyable and make your child grasp diverse mathematical concepts. We develop fluency and strategic thinking by indulging children in Flintel.

Program Structure

This virtual program is scheduled from Tuesday to Friday for 60mins each day. All the programs follow a similar pattern in Brain Gym- 5 mins towards understanding the activity/challenge and rest of the time to apply their knowledge and solve the challenges. This gives each student the flexibility of learning.

We offer programs which are designed to develop core thinking and problem solving skills in kids.

As a result of our programs children will develop the following life skills

  • Critical Thinking

  • Logical Reasoning

  • Problem Solving

  • Decision Making

Classes will be conducted using Zoom Meetings. The meeting ids and passwords will be shared during joining, along with the links to flipgrid and the various portals


New batch begins every Tuesday. This would happen either during a dedicated slot or in the same time slot as our existing camps, but in a separate break room with a devoted mentor for new students.

The new students will be handled until they are comfortable enough to join the main batches.

Available Slots
One - to - One
Request another time

Not comfortable with the timing? Our workshops are now fully flexible. Book a session for your free time.

Looking for a private sessions for any of the programs. 

Please send the mail on for availability check Or quickly connect us on whatsapp

Mention the following:

  • Preffered Time Slot

  • Preffered Day & Date

Each session of 60 Min | 4 days a week | Tuesday - Friday | 8 Sessions

Fee Structure:

1 Program for 2 weeks :: 2800/-

1 Program for 4 weeks :: 5040/-

2 Program for 2 weeks :: 5040/-

2 Program for 4 weeks :: 9120/-

3 Program for 2 weeks :: 6960/-

3 Program for 4 weeks :: 12240/-


Choose Programs from the following:

Program 1: Flintel - Math & Puzzles : 10:00am - 11:00am

Program 2: Scholastic Chess : 15:00pm to 16:00pm

Program 3: Rubik's Cube: 12:00pm - 13:00pm


Choose the start batch date: 

June '20 Batches

Tues, 9th, June '20 ---- Fri, 12th June '20

Tues, 16th, June '20 ---- Fri,19th June '20 

Tues, 23rd June '20 ---- Fri, 26th June '20

Tues, 30th June '20 ---- Fri, 03rd July '20

July '20

Tues, 7th July '20 ---- Fri 10th July '20

Tues, 14th July '20 ---- Fri 17th July '20

Tues, 21st July '20 ---- Fri 24th July '20

Tues, 28th July '20 ---- Fri 31st July '20


You can enroll anytime and attend the sessions - it's a brain gym.

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