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Learn Spanish


No. of Sessions

Starting from




60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

6+ Yrs


A1 Junior Level

1 -  Introduction to español

2 - All basic alphabets

3 - introduction to vocabulary

4 - Vocabulary of basic things around us

5 -  Talking about Family

6 -  Talking about body

7 -  Talking about Everyday life

8 -  Introduction to Grammar

Nouns , adjectives, verbs etc

9 -  Formation of sentences

10 - Speaking , Reading, writing and communication skills ( fluently )

A1 Level Completion Certificate

A2 Junior Level

Spanish elementary level ( A2 )

1 -  Full Grammar in español

2 - Fluency in speaking and communication skills

3. - Introduction to write pragraphs about your feelings

4 - Paragraph writing for things in everyday life

5  - Long conversation about everyday life with people

6  - Fluency while reading and expressing

7. - peer audio skills to improve personality development

8  Fluent speaking , Reading , writing and communication skills

A2 Level Completion Certificate

Please note: the above course outline will vary as per the kids age

Min sessions required: 40 (the sessions are totally dependent on the kids understanding level)

Available Slots
One - to - One
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