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Life Skills

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90 Min

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Age Group

12+ Yrs


Your child is more capable than you realize. It’s absolutely important for children to learn more than just academically. We teach your kids the tools to succeed in life. We teach them skills to deal with challenges, boost emotional intelligence, collaborate with peers and move ahead in life.

Communication & Confines

Know yourself, your values, needs and wants and protect yourself. Setting boundaries is not just about guarding yourself physically, but also mentally. These classes teach your kid to communicate with others about how they would like to be treated and show respect for themselves.

Get Together & Adapt

In the era of unprecedented change, adaptability and collaborative skills are in huge demand. The classes train your kid to adjust to dynamic change in life. By engaging them to work together as a team via organising different virtual activities, our trainers build leadership qualities in them.

Positive Work Skills

These are the most important skills which develop your child’s personality. Problem-solving, taking initiatives, planning & organising, self-management etc. are the positive skills that lay the foundation of your child’s personality.

Emotional Intelligence

We at our classes aim to develop your kid emotionally by introduction of self awareness, self management and social awareness. We make them understand emotions and because of this they don’t let their feelings rule them.

Create & Innovate

These classes improve your kid’s creative thinking skills and reinforce the vague notions of innovation in them. Our trainers develop problem solving skills in your kid through a range of real world activities.

Self management

These classes will provide your kid’s with the knowledge and skill to manage their time, plans and their personal development. Make your kids more organised with our self management classes and make them ready for unforeseen in life.

One - to - One

Book a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development.

Pricing for 6 Sessions | each 90 Min Session


Please send the mail on for availability check.

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How to Enrol for Program
Step 1

Select the Start Date and book preferred Time Slot

Step 2

Complete the payment as per the program selected

Step 3

Receive a confirmation mail



Schedule a call from our Experts and know whats best for your Kid.

Senior Man Portrait

These classes have been the best resource for our son! He is 12 and struggles socially but with the help of supportive teachers he has made a significant improvement in a short period of time which is commendable. Thank you so much for offering this tool for kids.

-Ursula Lorento, Mom

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