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Coding Novice

Code and Tech

No. of Sessions

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60 Min

Batch Size


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Age Group

6-8 Yrs


This online course cover computer programming, 3D modelling, mobile and web app development. The course mainly address the STEM learning needs of children from age 6 to 8. Children are introduced to the magic of STEM and sustain the excitement through successive course modules.

Each course module is of 5 days duration, with 1 hour of online contact session each day. Each course-module starts Monday or Wednesday. In every module, the child gets to start and complete a few micro-projects.

Course List (Choose from the list of courses)

- Scratch Programming Level 1
- Scratch Programming Level 2
- Scratch Programming Level 3
- Microbit with Blockly Programming Level 1

- Microbit with Blockly Programming Level 2

What is Scratch Programming ?

Scratch is a free block based programming language developed by MIT, where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations. 

What is MicroBit with Blockly Programming ?
The BBC microbit: the pocket-sized computer has been transforming digital skills learning. Learn to program MicroBit kit using Blockly programming (block based visual programming). Use online simulator to learn concepts and program

One - to - One

Book a one-to-one workshop where the trainer will be solely dedicated to your kid because your child's development is our development.

Pricing for 5 Sessions | each 60 Mins

Private Level 1: $45 for 5 Sessions

Private Level 2: $52 for 5 Sessions

Private Level 3: $59 for 5 Sessions

Please send the mail on for availability check.

Mention the following:

  • Preffered Time Slot: Choose your time slot of 60 min anytime between ----- PDT: 8:30am to 10:30 & 17:30pm to 19:30pm

  • Preffered Day & Date

How to Enrol for Program
Step 1

Select the Start Date and book preferred Time Slot

Step 2

Complete the payment as per the program selected

Step 3

Receive a confirmation mail



Schedule a call from our Experts and know whats best for your Kid.

Senior Man Portrait

Computers continue to change the world around us. My 6 yr old daughter attended your 3D video game design program. She had a lot of fun, made new friends, and learnt the basics of programming. It surprises me that she created a few games too. It was a wonderful experience. I’m sure she'll sign up for Code Fluent Classes soon.

-Bonnie Petrakis, Chartered Accountant

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