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She has been well known as an exemplary supermodel and the infamous actor of classic movie ‘Aashiqui’, but Anu Aggarwal’s story is one of a sensational transition from falling at the doorstep of death to the second version of her life, Life 2.0. Recovering and healing herself with yoga and mindfulness meditation, Anu is a self-reliant vibrant succeeder and yogi, who inspires people to extract the most out of their potential and find cheerfulness.


She gave up on all worldly pleasures while still a cover girl to proceed to the Himalayas where she stayed as a monk and studied vedic yoga. In 1999, she faced an extremely fatal accident in Mumbai and was treated at Breach Candy Hospital, to convalesce after a 29 day coma. Healing with a shattered body but a determinate soul, she turned to Yoga. Anu’s reassuring story has been captured and penned down in her biography titled "Anusual: Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back From the Dead."


Anu recovered from inside and out, and with her experiences and depth of knowledge, she started ‘AnuFunYoga’ for underprivileged and needy children, to help come out of early childhood trauma. She is currently a karmayogi, and her affection for community has led her across the globe to induce happiness and joviality to the oppressed and distraught with the Anu Aggarwal foundation, which operates with a mission to transform lives by re-programming the mind gradually.


Anu is an award-winning and bestselling author, who doctors call a mysterious, unnatural case for self- healing. She has been presenting her research work in conferences worldwide. Globally acknowledged as a Smiley Ambassador and UNHCR Ambassador, Anu is also a Gold Medalist with Masters in Social Work MSW, Yoga certified from BSY, Alternative Yoga Therapist, YTT, Naturopathic Doctor ICNM, and Mindfulness expert, Berkeley University.

Anu Aggarwal

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