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Following are the topics covered for MS Word:


Overview of Basics

- Introduction to MS Word

- Navigate Word Environment

- Quick Access Toolbar

- Utilization of Ribbon, Tabs/Menus, Command Groups & Commands

- View & Navigate a document 

- Create and save a Document


Document Creation

- Document Creation

- Basic Copy, Paste, Cut

- Editing a basic Document 

- Working with Fonts, Layouts

- Work with Paragraph format and alignment

- Apply predesigned Styles

- Find & replace actions 

- Saving the document 


Performing Advanced Text Editing Operations

- Updating text Format 

- Format Paragraphs


Intermediate MS Word

Word document editing

- Format Text with Font and Colours 

- Turn Text Bold, Italics and Underline 

- Bullets and Numbering

- Proper indentation process

- Specific Line Spacing


Page Layouts

- Inserting Page Headers

- Inserting Page Footers

- Managing Page Headers & Footers

- Inserting Fields in Page Headers/Footers

- Insert appropriate Page Breaks 

- Inserting a Cover Page


Advanced MS Word

Data Presentation

- Creating Tables

- Managing Rows and Columns in Existing Table

- Managing Table Formats

- Using predefined Table Formats 


Adding Graphical Elements to Your Document

- Insert Images

- Insert Shapes

- Create SmartArt

- Insert Icons and 3D Models 

- Inserting Hyperlinks

- Creation of Static Data & Graph representation 

- Inserting Watermarks 

- Managing Page Color and Borders


Managing Page Layout

- Managing Margins 

- Managing Page Orientation

- Inserting multiple columns in one page 


Managing Document Layout

- Indentation for a paragraph

- Line Spacing management

- Creating Table of Contents 

- Inserting Foot notes


Mailing Activities

- Performing Mail Merging 

- Printing Envelops & Mail Labels


Document Review Activities

- Using Track Changes 

- Inserting Comments

- Checking Word count 

- Performing Spell check

- Comparing Two Documents


Print Document Hand-outs

Working with Documents Automation 

- Document Dictation

Time Saving techniques in MS Word

- Using MS Word Short Cuts


Minimum No. Sessions: 8



- Computer/laptop 

- MS Word installed on system 

- Dedicated Internet connection

- Zoom connection

Learn Microsoft Word

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