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Course Outline

Module 1

The Creative Writing course is a perfect blend of creativity and the improvement of written communication. Watch fun stories together, discuss their themes and plots and then weave your own stories.

Session 1 - Discuss 2 Stories

Session 2 - Generate Story Ideas & Write a Story (Basic Tips)

Session 3 - Learn to Write Dialogues & Create Animation Strips

Session 4 - Sharpen your Dialogue Writing Skills & Create Story Videos 

Session 5 - Technicalities of Story Writing (Advanced Level) 


Module 2

Grammar is fun (and we are serious). This module is the perfect blend of creative writing and verbal communication with a pinch of grammar to spice up the whole experience. The curated syllabus includes visual, audio, and tactile media to write and converse in the best way possible.   

Boost your confidence to express yourself through words, both while conversing and writing.

Session 1 - Tenses - Usage of Correct Tenses to Write Paragraphs and Essays

Session 2 - Hone your Communication Skills | Narrate Stories & Make Presentations 

Session 3 - Delve Deeper into the Art of Story Writing with the Best of Grammar

Session 4 - Understanding Poems with PETAL (Point, Evidence, Technique, Analysis & Link) Analysis 

Session 5 - Write Letters and Diary Entries



- Each module consists of 5 classes.

- Assignments are included in each module for the student to get -more practice and confidence.

- Feedback of each class will be shared with parents.

Creative Writing

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