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E- Wellbeing (3-4 days; 2-3 hours each)

This program enhances overall well-being – physical health, mental peace and emotional resilience to be able to joyfully take on new situations easily and effectively with serene dynamism.


E- Start (3 days ;3 hours each)

This program accelerates the immersion of trainees into the company culture, harnessing their enthusiasm while channelising their energy more productively.


E- Neo (3 days; 4 hours each)

This program accelerates the performance of junior executives, by helping them tap into their own creativity and energy and elevates their emotional intelligence to work joyfully with diverse groups of people.


E- Empower (3 days; 4 hours each)

This program surfaces latent leadership traits in the managerial cadre to enable them to nurture high performing teams and build an atmosphere of belonging and care.


E- Leadership (3 days; 4 hours each)

This program creates a platform for leaders to dive deep into themselves to surface latent potential and wisdom and expand their canvas of influence to paint a larger leadership legacy.


E -  Recharge (60 Min)

A short burst module, ideal for offsites, as an energizer between events/ sessions and more

E Programs


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