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About the activity:


In Build a city, teams have to design a model of city. The city will be divided into zones such as industrial, residential,business and infrastructural features like roads, rail and waterways. Each team have to work their assigned section but have to make sure they collaborate with other teams for as well because each zone when combined makes it a one big city hence there should be uniformity of design across the zones and that transportation networks flow coherently with the other teams. Using a wide range of materials, teams have to build an imaginative and creative city that is functional and exquisite. When the time is up, teams join the sections of the city together that makes up a full fledged city.

'Hi in City' Challenge

  • Some Facts

    Activity Type : Indoor/ Outdoor

    No. Of People : 20 - unlimited

    Time/ Duration : 1-2 hours

  • Objectives/ Outcome

    - Project & Time Management

    - Decision Making & Problem Solving

    - Presence of Mind 

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