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About the activity:


Creativity is always encouraged everywhere because that is the only factor that makes each individual stand apart. One person’s creativity may differ from another which makes every innovation elegant and mesmerizing. One learns through hand on experience and personal discovery of knowledge and its meaningfulness to themselves.
Through the Clay Challenge, participants will go through the process of self-discovery by expressing their thoughts, feelings and attitudes in creating clay products that they can relate with. One can always express their feelings and emotions through various forms that may include : singing, dancing,painting,playing sports and more. All these require a pinch of gifted talent since birth but making a clay require no such thing. You mould what you feel!

'Hi in Clay' Challenge

  • Some Facts

    Activity Type : Indoor

    No. Of People : 10 - Unlimited

    Time/ Duration : 2-2.5 hours

  • Objectives/ Outcome

    - Stimulate creativity

    - Project management

    - Elucidate on values, roles & identities

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