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About the activity:


This activity is of a type which requires a proper methodology that has to be followed if you want to bridge the gap between your colleagues through this bridge building activity.Two main ground rules for this activity to achieve the final result are coordination and communication. Team work and strategic planning are important requisites that help in executing the idea. The whole process requires people to interact with each other and develop an understanding as to what each team does, so that they can channelize team efforts to be in sync with the other teams although teams cant see each other .
Each team functions independently but in continuous coordination with the other teams, throughout the entire activity.
The whole idea is to construct a stable, freestanding bridge, parts of which has to be built by the respective teams. Each team would be provided with the necessary miscellaneous articles, to be used for constructing the bridge.

'Hi on Bridge' Challenge

  • Some Facts

    Activity Type : Indoor/ Outdoor

    No. Of People : 25 - unlimited

    Time/ Duration : 2-2.5 hours

  • Objectives/ Outcome

    - Creativity and innovation

    - Team Work

    - Working for a single goal 

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