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About the activity:


Dabbawalas have gone quite famous over a short span of time for their tremendous work of delivering homely food in Dabbas to about one lakh people in Mumbai. The business has taken a boom and is now functioning in various other places. The consistent and trustworthy service is what owes to the success of the concept of Dabbawalas. This entrepreneurial success teaches a lesson on how to improve the management skills and marketing techniques which we have turned it into an activity to mentor employees. The challenge is similar to that of the original work. The teams will be split and asked to have the Dabbawala experience by starting the routine with the pick up of Dabbas,sorting out the processes till the delivery of the food to the customers.

'Hi on Dabbas' Challenge

  • Some Facts

    Activity Type : Outdoor

    No. Of People : 10 - Unlimited

    Time/ Duration : 2-4 hours

  • Objectives/ Outcome

    - Communication and collaboration

    - Leadership quality

    - Team work

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