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Kavita Devgan is a renowned writer, nutritionist and weight management consultant who promulgates pragmatic, fruitful and appetizing ways to achieve a healthy lifestyle. An advocate of “going back to the roots”, Kavita’s sessions and workshops focus and stress on health and nutrition from a comprehensive point of view, while integrating modern living and habits.


As an eminent nutritionist with above 20 years of experience as a weight loss and holistic health consultant with several hundreds of victorious weight loss patients, she provides feasible and specifically curated programs that fulfil weight loss the correct way – via routine moderations – to secure stable results and overall wellbeing.


Her first book 'Don’t Diet! 50 Habits of Thin People' was launched in 2016 and broke the stands! It was a tremendously popular bestseller. It was appreciated by both critics and celebs alike. Distinguished actress Kalki Koechlin and bestselling writer Amish Tripathi have validated the book assailing it as a must read for achieving good health the right way.


Kavita also works devotedly with many food brands as a nutrition consultant and brand ambassador assisting them spread the message of good health and their key nutrition messages.

Kavita Devgan

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