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Martial arts is a complete workout. Your kid will build stamina, strength, and flexibility. He will also develop coordination and balance which will help him to feel better physically as the body becomes stronger and more capable.
Following is our well designed introductory course outline, planned for 8 sessions. The sessions are conducted by the well-trained industry expert.

Day-1: Introduction to Martial Arts like (karate, Kungfu, Taekwondo )
Day-2: Importance of self-defense
Day-3: How martial arts helps to be better in daily life.
Day-4: Basic warmup and self-defense moves
Day-5: Introduction to taekwondo
Day-6: Basic terminology and key moments and steps in taekwondo
Day-7: Different varieties of kicks
Day-8: Different varieties of punches, blocks

Please note: All our trainers are highly experienced and Certified

Martial Arts

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