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Age: 9+ years (should have minimum coding knowledge)

Block Based programming language

Course Duration: 25 sessions (weekly 2-3 class; each class is 1 hour each)

Assignments are included in each module for the student to get more practice and confident on the programming concepts.

Each module consists of 5 classes.

Module 1

Build apps in a jiffy. We help you to transform your passion for mobile devices to build functional apps with the help of MIT App Inventor. Learn how to use simple visual blocks to code your own mobile apps.


Module 2

Create your own personalized music-player app. Leverage accelerometer sensors of your mobile phones to calculate your steps in kilometers. Learn to build multiple in-app screens, add gif backgrounds to create multiplayer games.


Module 3

Create apps to use advanced features with google maps, firebase, multi-screen etc. Create full-fledged games and apps. Become a pro mobile apps developer. Learn to publish your apps to google playstore.


Module 4

Create apps to use advanced features with firebase, API etc. Create full-fledged games and apps to read data from API to get live status. Use in-built phone sensors to create exciting apps. Become a pro mobile apps developer.


Module 5

Learn about AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning) in a friendly guided environment. Train machine learning models to recognize images, sounds and classify numbers or texts. Create interactive mobile apps to achieve recognition, recommendation and predictions.


Recently, one of our student participated and won the Honorable awards in the International Mobile Hackathon 2020 conducted by MIT app inventor. 


Mobile Apps Development

  • Duration

    60 Min

  • Age

    9+ Yrs

  • No. of Sessions


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