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Duration: 1 - 2hrs

Type: Remote/ Virtual


Our innovative music team building event have lasting impact. And best of all, you don’t have to be a singer or extrovert to love what we do! Highly engaging, highly inclusive. Trusted by the world’s leading companies.


Our Musical Beat activity starts with Big bang from the comfort of your Home. 
You need not to be a drummer, artist or a singer - but we will make one during the session :) 
We make sure all the participants do this activity together online using any Conference platform, our team of artists will take them through below 


Program flow : 
a) Ice breaker and relaxation through Music 
b) High energy performance Online in a Team 
c) Wrap up of session with the musical and sweet memories. 

The activity is all about
1. Making people to collaborate with each other in a recreational way
2. Creating a positive impact among the people
3. Rejuvenating employees as well as get them back at their workplace with a renewed energy


Type of Delivery :

1. Private Sessions ( Customized ) for Corporates / Organizations

One time workshops

2. Public Sessions - For Corporate / Individual

( Only Scheduled Sessions ) 


Required :

Laptop/Smartphone  for the Remote Connectivity

Speaker if Any 

Comfortable place to sit 


Mode of Delivery :

Zoom / Hangout / Webx or any other Tool


# Program is customizable.

Musical Beat


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