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Duration: 1.5 - 2.5hr

Type: Remote/ Virtual


Players in remote teams compete in the Online Olympics across a multitude of new disciplines.

Each high-energy, fun discipline is designed to push players to step up and practice remote-working skills. Communication and collaboration are key, but can teams adapt to the complexities of a virtual working environment and achieve results?


This energizing team activity keeps players hooked from the Opening Ceremony till the final points on the scoreboard are tallied.



Mission: To be the winning remote team of the virtual Online Olympics.

Round 1: Opening Ceremony

The participants are divided into virtual teams, each consisting of 4-5 athletes, with each team assigned a WhatsApp Coach. The teams participate in an Opening Ceremony where they collaborate to create a team outfit and publicity poster.


Round 2: Olympic Disciplines

1.Participants go through a warmup + five circuits of fun, high-energy activities.
2.Teams choose, in any order, one of the 14 Olympic Disciplines they want to do. These include (amongst others) Digital Steeplechase, Speed Typing, Desk Dressage, Perfect Press Coverage, Sing Anthems Like Freddie, Street-View Shopping and Endurance Judging.
3.All disciplines are designed to be fun and reinforce key remote working skills such as effective communication and problem solving.


Round 3: Medal Ceremony & Optional Debrief.

The day closes with a virtual Closing Ceremony announcing the winning team.



We use a range of virtual tools to enable maximum engagement, remote collaboration and interaction, no account needed.

Any Video Conferencing Tool

We communicate with all participants in a central room and then use separate breakout rooms for each team.


Each team is assigned a WhatsApp Coach who facilitates throughout the game.

Online Interactive Tools & Games

A range of interactive tools are used in the gameplay. These include Google Earth/Streetview/Animals/Trends, Online Escape Room, Jigsaw, Artificial Intelligence, Speed Typing Online Game and Online Running Game.


Just like in the 'real' Olympics, we can create a leaderboard where scores can be displayed. This can be used to have different teams within the same organisation compete at different times and create a company-wide competition.



How do participants connect?

All participants dial in remotely.

What tools will participants need?

All participants will need WhatsApp, a computer with video and audio capabilities, internet connection and access to Chrome/Safari browsers.

What log ins and accounts will participants need?

All the tools we use require no license and no log in – participants don’t need any accounts.

How are participants prepared for the game?

All participants will receive an email 24 hours prior to the game with full instructions.

Will there be a facilitator available during the session?

There is permanent game facilitation and WhatsApp Coaches throughout each session.

Online Olympics

₹3,499.00 Regular Price
₹2,999.00Sale Price
  • For Booking

    Mail us



    # Reach us out for the corporate requirement with number of people and date you want to conduct. 

  • Facts

    Number of participants

    4 – 250 participants

    Length of activity

    1.0 hours – 2.5 hours

    Lead time

    5 days notice ( Contact us for Customization)

    Customization (optional)

    We can tailor the game to suit your specific industry, company, learning objectives, region and target demographic.


    Dependent on amount of participants and level of customization.

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