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Age: 10+ years (should have minimum coding knowledge)

Course Duration: 25 hours (weekly 2-3 class; each class is 1 hour each) 


Assignments are included in each module for the student to get more practice and confident on the programming concepts.

Each module  consists of 5 classes.

Module 1
Learn basic concepts of programming using Python. Challenge-based learning keeps you hungry to know more about computer programming. Master your problem-solving skills, compute like a pro, grow the ability to analyze critically and score more in Mathematics.

Module 2
Create animations and games using the Python Turtle module. Learn to create intricate shapes and pictures. Program with more turtle functions to learn mathematical concepts, including estimation and variability.

Module 3
Engage in fun game-based Python coding. Begin with Pygame to code your first interactive video game with multiple interesting backdrops. Learn typed codes of Python, HTML, JavaScript with graphical programming games. Code your sprites, define players and navigate them as you wish.

Module 4
In this level, you will learn to program and build full-fledged games. Learn while you create multiple background-screens, characters and action sequences. Build games like Alien Catcher, Road Rash Car game and Space Invader. Get exposure to create more varieties of games using pygame functions.

Module 5
Learn about AI/ML (Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning) in a friendly guided environment. Train machine learning models to recognize images, sounds and classify numbers or texts. Create Python projects to achieve recognition, recommendation and predictions. 

Python Programming

  • Duration

    60 Min

  • Age

    10+ Yrs

  • No. of Sessions


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