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Duration: .5 - 1.5hr

Type: Remote/ Virtual



Participants compete in an interactive, family-friendly, quiz game show.
You won’t break a sweat but you’ll work out your brains, your memory and your wits.

Led by a host, each circuit in the game show not only gets participants answering challenging questions
in a range of different mediums, but also gets them moving. How many points can participants score out of a 100? This is not your average pub quiz! Play solo, cooperatively or competitively with anyone!



Mission: To try and get as many points as possible from the online quiz.


Participants receive a link to a YouTube channel which goes live at a set time.
They also receive a list of items to have ready for the quiz and a downloadable answer sheet.


Participants go through a warmup + five circuits of fun, high-energy activities. Each circuit* consists of:

  • Two sets of competitive, customised questions in a range of formats.

  • One “Minute To Win It” activity.
    “Stretch Time” at the end of each circuit where participants count their individual scores.


Internal comms platforms (e.g. Slack, Worvivo, Yammer) can be incorporated into the quiz for players to upload photos and videos with a #hashtag.
Participation can be rewarded with prizes.

*Can be customized




Number of participants



Length of activity

30 minutes - 1.5 hours


Lead time

5 days notice


Customization (optional)

We can tailor the game to suit your specific industry, company, learning objectives, region and target demographic.


Dependent on amount of participants and level of customization.



How do participants connect?

All participants will receive a link to a YouTube live channel, including the starting time. They don’t need any account.


What tools will participants need?

All participants will need internet connection, a pen and some basic household items which we will share before the quiz starts


How does scoring and prizes work?

Participants self-score. If you have a work collaborative tool such as Workvivo, we can incorporate this into the quiz with hashtags, and also include any prizes you may want to give out.


Can employee’s family members play?

Yes! Participants can play alone or with anyone in their family. Questions are child-friendly!

How are participants prepared for the session?

We will send you the YouTube link, a printable answer sheet,
and the list of items to share with participants 24 hours before the quiz.

Will there be a presenter available during the session?

There is a live presenter for the session.

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