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Robo Median is an intermediate robotic course which focuses on alternate forms of locomotion and intelligence. It is designed to enhance the prior robotic experience of kids by introducing Arduino & Block-based Coding. Your kid will be able to build projects like -

Disco Lights
Smart parking for vehicle
Smart room lighting system
Railway gate
Automatic street light
Morning plant watering system
Automatic handwash
Keyboard controlled robot
Obstacle following robot


For 50 and 150 classes, parents can request for the project details.
A fun and creative way to enhance the experience of Robotics learning with Robotics Experts. Sign up for Robo Median now and get started. Suitable for 10+ yr old kids

*Kits are well tested and come with a 100% replacement guarantee. Shipped within 24 Hrs.
*Smart certificate.



Kit, Delivery charges, live session, certification & training materials (shipping charges will be extra for overseas)



Kid should attend the free trial class

Robo Median

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