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About the activity:


At times people down the line are left wondering, "How exactly will my piece contribute to the grand vision of the company?" Yet for leaders, it becomes imperative that every single person in the team perceives his or her contribution to be critical in contributing towards the larger goal. How does he convey this message in a strong, compelling manner?
Our PP Challenge, help set the stage for the leader to reinforce the message, that "None of us individually is capable of doing what all of us together can". Also, "Every single panel, needs to be just right, for the overall picture to be right". What a powerful, experiential way to drive home a message!


Activity Type : Indoor and outdoor

No. Of People : 25 - unlimited

Time/ Duration : 1- 2hrs


Objectives/ Outcome:

- Time Management

- Focus

- Team Work

- Problem Solving

- Adaptibility

'Hi on Pixel' Challenge


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